An idea that can never fail is a consistent dialogue with your prospects

Any business is born out of one’s dream, aspiration, passion and of course longing for earning extravagant profits. But a future of any business completely depends on its constant upbringing by its promoter. Business certainly is not only about gaining excessive profit; it is all about creating a family outside your family that will serve consumers with utmost sincerity and dedication. And that doesn’t only mean providing your consumers with a quality product or service in return of a good value. As a business owner, you must be self-motivated and take steps towards creating a legacy of your own by connecting closely with your consumers or prospects to make your business larger than life. A good business culture always defines your business hence your thinking, ideas and marketing strategy shouldn’t only revolve around sales and profit. As an entrepreneur, you should always put your thinking caps on about how you can better your relation and engagement not only with consumers but prospects too.

To make your business most relevant to market and masses, you should plan a thorough communication strategy that will create a great engagement amongst masses. It’s highly effective for your business if you engage in communication with your consumers as well as prospects quite often. In today’s business world, it’s a piece of cake to reach out to your consumers as well as prospects. Stay in touch with your consumers/prospect by constantly shooting e-mailers, WhatsApp creatives to them. This activity indeed plays a significant role that helps you reach out to maximum prospects, enlighten them with new updates regarding the market, and bring them on board. You can even involve in indirect communication like CSR activities to contribute to the social cause. This gesture by you as a brand enhances your brand image and your consumers feel deeply connected with the brand.     

Now creating a communication doesn’t always mean selling your product/service. Many brands have come up with catchy & effective communication that they just broadcasted without even mentioning their respective product/service. It’s fairly important that you should not always talk about how your offerings are great and why masses should buy them. Instead, you can keep on broadcasting quirky and informative communication creatively. Persistent broadcasting of such compelling communication surely catches the eyes of majority of masses if you smartly use effective mediums.

It’s always a thoughtful step if you plan out an effective communication strategy for prospects. Before they buy your product/service, buy their attention with the effective communication strategy. And if you wish to deliver an efficient communication, approach and join hands with an advertising or marketing agency that has potential to ideate, craft, execute and deliver a quintessential and attention-grabbing communication that can never fail. Business is nothing but an exchange of communication, and if you deliver it most effectively, your business will last till many generations to come.


Steps before a thoughtfully planned successful launch

Introducing a new product or service in the market is sure a great thing. But there are countless crucial facets involved in the process of launching it. When a business decides to launch a product/service, it should first ensure that the said product/service has potential to suffice the needs of consumers. Maximum value and the best quality product/service is what consumers seek always. So before launching, you should have faith in your product/service that it will rule the market. After you’re all-ready with your product/service, the next step is to find & approach a right ally who can genuinely guide you in a right direction in the process of the launch. An efficient and potential advertising or marketing agency can be your long-running companion that takes care of everything right from regulating thorough & thoughtful planning to executing a successful launch. Advertising & marketing agencies play a significant role in the process of launching your product/service since they possess a quintessential experience and expertise that help you stay upright in the cluttered and chaotic market.

Let’s look at several crucial steps before a successful launch.  

  • Before the launch, you must hire an advertising or marketing agency and plan out the entire event thoroughly
  • Get closely connected with the core team of an advertising agency and meticulously brief the team about your product/service and what exactly do you want to deliver
  • Let the team absorb the brief and understand their insights about the big event
  • You as a business entity, must involve in the research process of what your competitors are up to, what’s trending in the market, etc.
  • Go hand in hand with the advertising or marketing agency, club your insights and agency’s insights, ideas and come up with a well-planned and unique strategy for the launch of your product/service
  • Now let the advertising agency take it from here as their capable team nurtures the newly born strategy wholeheartedly
  • In the process of nurturing strategy, provide the advertising agency with valuable information of your product/service so the agency can utilize it to enhance the strategy
  • As the implementation process continues, look after and finalize the creative deliverables such as product packaging, brochure, leaflet, booklet, hoardings, newspaper ad that will broadcast your launch loudly
  • Involve more and more with the advertising & marketing agency to come up with interesting activity ideas like a contest or bumper offer to create engagement amongst the masses before the launch
  • Together with the advertising agency team, plan out the way forward towards business development post-launch

Follow these steps and embark on a successful journey of your business with a thoughtfully planned successful launch.


Proud to manage the Launch of Optisan, India’s first Foot Sanitizer brand.

Optisan, a product of Optima Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. launched on Tuesday, 8th December 2020 at a grand function held in Pune.  Optisan offers Foot & Surface Cleaner, Hand Rub and Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner. We at Zest Creative not only build the brand from scratch but also managed the launch event successfully.


Optima Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has been manufacturing biosecurity products for the poultry industry for more than a decade. Hence the company has a strong base of technical knowhow, competent manpower and the right and adequate infrastructure.


Launching a hygiene product in a market where big and established brands were already present was a huge challenge.

The Zest effect:

With insights drawn from our market research, studying the hygiene products sector and uncountable brainstorming sessions of our creative team, The Zest Team conceptualised and developed complete communication for the brand for the pre-launch, launch and post launch stages.


Curiosity was generated and the brand’s social media handles were flooded with enquiries, from both B2B and B2C categories.

Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing


Imagine you’re living a peaceful & delightful life at a seashore village. And one day, unexpectedly, a mammoth storm hits your life and takes everything away from you. The only thing you are left with is hope. And determination to get out of it. Today, we’re in the exact same phase resulted out of the corona pandemic that stormed in our life and unsettled our entire ecosystem. Right from small ventures and big organisations to renowned educational institutions and schools, every single entity shook from its very core during the pandemic. A ray of hope finally appeared when an unlock phase declared by the authority. Gradually, everything started to open with safety stipulations & measures. Everything else is getting back on track, but schools don’t seem to find their way out to the normal. Initially, schools got underway through online classes through video calling apps like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc. Even though online education is quite feasible, it doesn’t have the gist of the traditional education system, and maybe that’s why it hasn’t been prevailing to be the alternative education system. There was this news floating around that post-Diwali, schools may reopen, but parents haven’t yet made their mind to allow their children to go to school.

While every other school and college is struggling to reopen, a small school in Nandurbar broke all the barriers and started functioning out in the open-air atmosphere. The school with a capacity of 9 classrooms in Vikharan, a tribal-dominated & remote village brought in a paradigm shift in the education ecosystem. In the view of the unlock phase, the authority of A D Deore school in Vikharan decided to onset the school with the 322 students of standard 9 & 10. While doing so, the school authority sanitized the entire premises of the school and regulated the essential safety precautions to ensure complete safety of students and school staff as well. But this time, lectures weren’t held in classrooms of 4 walls and a roof but the school decided to go back to the roots of wisdom, where it decided to shift every classroom to an open space under the shadow of 850 trees. This applied innovation by the school gave its students a refreshing learning experience where the students are not only safe from the risk of COVID-19, but they’re also enjoying learning while indulging in sunbathing & pleasant wintry aura. Plus, students will breathe fresh air & get vitamin D from the sun that ensures wellbeing of students & teachers. This innovative method of schooling is pragmatic in a true sense since a majority of students of the school belong to the tribal community. For them, to buy things like a laptop, smartphones and internet connection which are essential for online classes are like a mirage. They just cannot afford to live a technology-enabled life. Besides giving a unique and refreshing learning experience, the school administration put forth their efforts to ensure the complete safety of every student. The school authority allotted a single bench for a single student and ensured physical distancing. Moreover, every student has strictly asked to sanitize their hands before touching any objects like benches, notebooks, etc. in the premises.

This novel act by A D Deore school is commendable, and the school authority deserves more than just appreciation. But what this school discovered for us is a new lease of life in these tough times. Every business must get inspired by such kind of lateral thinking to get back on track. As they say, if there is a will, there’s a way is proven to be true again. 

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Even if the ways of sales & marketing have changed profoundly, the core psychology of consumers is still the same. As consumers, they always expect to get what they want, at a right cost and from a right marketer without any quandary. This was true even in earlier years when Digital Marketing and other such smart marketing techniques and technologies weren’t even born. And when a consumer doesn’t easily get what he/she wants, it means there are serious obstacles in the handshaking process of consumers and marketers. For e.g. if a consumer named A wants to buy product Z and marketer H has that product, but A doesn’t know about it and even H doesn’t know that A wants it. Now this scenario is missing a way of solution high-time, a solution that could have fulfilled the needs of both A & H but due to lack of connecting dots in between them, the problem remains unsolved. This is where SEO, Search Engine Optimization comes to the rescue. SEO is the most effective technique highly used in this age of Digital Marketing. Since almost all businesses have adopted the prowess of Digital Marketing, they must think about SEO. In this digital age, a business website has become essential for every business. It may sound hilarious, but they say that your business is genuine only if you have your own business website. But just having your business website isn’t going to do any good. There are numerous other aspects that enable you to achieve a significant business growth & help spread the awareness of your brand and SEO is one of them.

Having your business website & making it SEO-enabled make your website stand out in this cluttered market. SEO is the process by which you can enhance your website’s visibility for users’ relevant searches. And a better website visibility helps you get more consumers to land on your website which automatically leads you to attain a significant business growth. Now let’s see how exactly SEO works…

It all starts with search engines like Google & Bing that use smart bots in order to crawl webpages on the web & gather information as well as data from these sites & index them in an apt manner. Then according to the Google search algorithm, these webpages are assigned with the ranking that determines the sequence of which page will appear first in the search engine.

To suffice these SEO standards, a website must have a quality content which consists of trending & relevant keywords. By using target keywords, a website can ladder up to the highest place in the search engine dictionary. The design of the search engine algorithms aims at surface relevancy & authoritative paging to deliver users an efficient search experience.  A website optimization & quality website content help your website rank higher in the search results. SEM, also known as Search Engine Marketing, is a crucial and important factor that runs parallel with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEM is an integral part of internet marketing that implicates the paid promotion of websites to increase their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). SEM usually incorporates SEO as SEO improves the quality and quantity of incoming website traffic from search engine & it targets unpaid or organic website traffic whereas SEM targets a paid website traffic to increase the website visibility.

SEO or SEM, both are super beneficial for you in the process of boosting your business, brand, product or service in the digital landscape. And we at Zest Creative can take your brand to the newer heights of success through our proactive and smart SEO, SEM and SMM (Social Media marketing) services. Do get in touch with us & boost your brand’s digital presence.

Social Media Marketing

A great comfort by Facebook- No more restrictions on Facebook Ad Image content

Digital Marketing has garnered its prestige as the most popular, effective and lucrative marketplace almost all around the globe. Today, every business entity has taken a huge leap of evolution by making the digital landscape an assured home for its business. Various proactive digital marketing media have become prominent points of sales for almost every business. Facebook is such an efficient marketing tool in Digital Marketing. You can reach maximum no of customers using Facebook Ads.

By all means, Facebook ads enable businesses to boost their sale, create awareness of their brand and get consumers engaged. However, Facebook had guidelines which were allowing you to use only 20% of the text content of the ad to place on an image. This was to get people to interact with your ad and boost your brand’s online presence. As people continuously scroll down through Facebook feeds, stories, ads, and to make them pause and act on your Ad was the objective behind allowing only 20% image content on Facebook ads.

This scenario is also adhered by the fact that the human mind is more attentive towards the visuals and catchy short headlines than excessive content. Hence it was quite challenging and hectic for many advertisers to create such ads and convey the brand message precisely in such a small content bracket. Although it was ideal for brands on social media to communicate their offerings in the minimalistic way that led them to upkeep and elevate their online presence. But in the case of several brands, advertisers have faced many issues regarding the content restrictions on the Facebook main ad image due to its extensive length of communication. And because of the nature of a brand, the lengthy communication is inevitable. Although lately, Facebook was allowed to use a lengthy content on Ad, although it had restrained its reach which was not beneficial at all for these brands.

But finally, Facebook has announced not just the new rules but a great news for everyone who’s promoting their brand through Facebook. According to trusted sources, the news has been official that Facebook has now removed the 20% text limit on ad images. This is certainly a great relief for many advertisers. Previously, Facebook featured a Text Overlay Tool that used to check whether your ad is sufficing the 20% content rule or not. But after the new changes are imposed, this tool has been removed by Facebook to adhere to the new change.

Let’s see how this new big change in Facebook policy is effective for brands and advertisers

– Many advertisers and brands now can make the most of Facebook ads without any word restrictions

– Now posts having more than 20% text will have a complete exposure in reaching the same quantity of audience as earlier   

– Now advertisers will get complete creative freedom while writing Facebook ads

– Designing extensive and text heavy ads will now be a piece of cake for advertisers  

– This new regulation will turn out to be a new lease of life for the brands that needed copy heavy communication to be conveyed

– Now you can craft larger stories and campaigns through Facebook ads

This is the best thing for advertisers and brands since sliced bread. And we at Zest Creative always put forth our creative ideas, strategies and valuable endeavours to adopt to every significant change in current trends to add value to our clients. 

Digital Marketing

Life after Lockdown

The Lockdown resulted out of COVID-19 pandemic has literally locked the revenue of many organisations. But as lord Krishna said ‘This time too shall pass’, we must believe in our strength to rise like a Phoenix. Good times are waiting for us.
How businesses can rise back up when lockdown breathes its last?

1) Even though corona affected us, it did evoke the sense of cleanliness in the masses. Hence after lockdown, people will follow the safety rules like wearing a mask, using sanitizers all the time. Hence the healthcare organisations will boom. These organisations must leverage the power of advertising to raise their businesses.

2) People have become more health-conscious than ever. This scenario would be highly in the favour of insurance companies as people will ensure their health safety through various insurance policies. Hence a great scope of business for such organisations. And with the apt advertising, they can uplift their business.

3) Post Hon. P.M.’s appeal about local brands, it seems that the swadeshi businesses have a great opportunity to get back on track. As a result, global supply chain might get modified enabling India to be in a better position.

4) As movie theatres are still shut, most of the movies are being released on various OTT platforms. This is a prime time where these platforms can gain significant number of cinemagoers to sign up for their portals with right advertising mediums. And a right advertising agency will craft a very catchy and attention-grabbing communication for these OTT platforms to get viewers’ attention.

Such many more business verticals are gradually getting back on track in the view of unlock phase of the corona pandemic. People too are stepping out of their homes with complete precautions. Even government has also eased the situation & lift up many preventions to the certain extent. Now is the time for all businesses to make a great comeback in the market. And to boost up the economy, every business must leverage the ultimate potential of advertising.

Let’s see how businesses can be highly uplifted using advertising tools.

  • As the condition has eased, people are again visiting marketplaces to buy their necessities and advertising through various mediums will help them choose a right product/service in these sensitive times
  • An effective advertising will help businesses to regain not just their momentum but consumers’ trust that will lead businesses to top the market again
  • Since the inter-district travelling is now simplified, people are travelling to places for their respective work or any other reasons. Considering this situation, outdoor media & OOH are getting their prominence back, hoardings, flex boards are again hoisting high on the roads. This is highly in the favour of businesses; they must make the most of it
  • Even newspaper ads are back in the advertising game since newspaper distribution has been resumed in the unlock phase. Since newspaper ads have touted to be the most extensive and effective one, it brought a good business to many organisations. And today, again it is all set to work wonders for businesses from the all layers.              

Last, but not least, Digital Marketing has already become a new lease of life for almost all businesses in these tough times. It has been already prevailed its importance in the past but in the COVID pandemic, Digital Marketing enabled many businesses to survive as has been the most convenient & cost-effective advertising medium that kept businesses up & running.

Digital Marketing


In this unlock phase, all businesses are trying their best not only to get back on track but to recover the loss it had to bear during the lockdown. In the process, all businesses have to cross many hurdles as the impact of COVID-19 will be here for a while. However, it doesn’t mean we have to put down our weapons. In the scene of unlock phase, the Indian marketplaces are opening gradually. There may not be a huge business like before, but we can certainly bring those good old days back. Let’s see how!

As physical shopping won’t be the same, people will prefer online shopping
Despite this pandemic, people will still wish to buy what they want
Fortunately, we have the power of Digital at our disposal
Digital platforms are feasible & people know how to use it
Digital Platforms are globally acclaimed. Hence you will get max prospects here
Going Digital will give the much needed fillip to the business
Digitally, we can reach masses across the globe that too in no time
Considering current scenario, Digital is the real marketplace in the near future
Digital is the buzzword which will add boost business and also take them beyond horizons.

Now as you are eager to re-start your business with a dash of excitement, here’s how your business could regain its momentum leveraging the power of Digital Marketing.

–      When you take your business to the Digital Landscape, it will have an extensive reach.
–      Unlike traditional marketing, in Digital, you can precisely reach out to your TG as there are various cutting-edge digital marketing tools that will filter out your TG.
–      One of the greatest benefits of having your business on Digital platforms is that your business wouldn’t be location-centric and your consumers can be anyone and anywhere around the world.  
–      People are highly active on digitally powered social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Each of these platforms has its own ability to advertise and promote your business effectively through various campaigns like paid promotion ads, page like campaigns, page-click campaigns, organic viral posts, and many more that will help your business grow exponentially.
–      In Digital Marketing there is a facility that will easily give you the period-wise precise business statistics that will help you keep the track of your business and its growth in real-time.
– All the reports for your advertising budgets, audience reach, audience interaction, etc. are generated automatically and conveniently.
–      Your business website plays an inevitable role in Digital Marketing. Your business website and your digital presence walk parallelly as they both are precisely interconnected with each other. These two are like strong pillars of your business in digital marketing. You will get max leads through your website, and your digital marketing strategies, campaigns, posts, ads will help prospects redirect to your website. Hence having a website of your business is now an absolute necessity in the business and advertising world
– Digital Marketing has spread across various platforms as well as almost all electronic devices connected to the internet like Laptops, Tabs, Smartphones and many more.
– Today, almost every product or service is being advertised on Digital platforms viz. All FMCG products, Fitness services, Matrimonial services, Housekeeping & maintenance services, Cosmetics & Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Dating and relationships! Digital marketing has a huge global market and is growing rapidly due to change in customer consumption.

Celebrity Endorsement

How effective is celebrity endorsement?

As we have seen in the last blog how the advertising world has changed radically, yet there’s one of the oldest factors in advertising, Celebrity Endorsement is still prevailing to be the effective one. When you bring in a famous celebrity to endorse/promote your product/service, there are high chances that it will make a huge impact on the market & consumers too. A popular face does more than just promoting your product/service. A celebrity endorsement is a psychological tool that brands can leverage to earn consumers’ attention as well as aspiration. A celebrity is a public figure, he or she is an idol for many, and some of them have a massive fan following. In short, people highly trust what celebrities say on a public forum, what he/she shares on social media, what he/she does in his/her professional life, what kind of product or service he/she promotes, and how he/she promotes it. And this very psychology catches the eyeballs of consumers and leads them to buy a product or service.

This unique advantage came to existence in Indian advertising back in the year of 1941 when one of the fine actresses of the time Leela Chitnis endorsed the soap brand, Lux. The ad was quite simple yet attention-grabbing as the communication revolved around the beauty secrete of Leela Chitnis. But the real game of celebrity endorsement grabbed its pace in the late 80’s when the popular movie stars like Tabassum (Prestige Pressure Cooker), Jalal Agha (Pan Parag) and Kapil Dev (Palmolive Shaving Cream) started endorsing brands. Since then, it became a quintessential part of Indian advertising. According to the statistics, the market of celebrity endorsers’ in India has consistently catapulted from 665 celebrity engagements in 2007 to a total of 1660 in 2017.

This goes to say that how a celebrity endorsement has influenced the buying choices of masses.Today it’s a no brainer that digital is the new buzzword in communication. And in today’s market, there is acumulative challenge for all the brands to capture people’s time and their attention. And as per the statistic report, today’s marketers believe that a well-known brand ambassador enriches your brand to achieve a higher degree of consumer recall value to make your brand the most sought-after amongst the consumers. In these digital times, the celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan, Virat Kohli, Shraddha Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan and so on are predominantly endorsing many renowned brands. Due to their popularity, brands associated with them are engaging with consumers effectively. Ultimately, these celebrities become the brand voice that constantly echoes in consumers’ears.

In the contemporary advertising, celebrity endorsement has become an integral part of marketing strategy as advertising agencies have transcended the orthodox advertising mediums. Today, an advertising agency does more than just creating a newspaper ad or a hoarding. Media planning has gone through a big change. And the celebrity endorsement too joined hands with this progressive alteration. So, if an advertising agency hires a celebrity, it can leverage his/her mileage in every aspect of marketing strategies and mediums. You can come up with uncountable no of ideas, campaigns, ads and publish them through popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can leverage their influence over masses and create a word-of-mouth awareness through viral ads, video, tweets and so on. This is where a celebrity becomes your brand face and enables your brand to fetch significant business.

So, the answer to the question that how effective is celebrity endorsement, it is highly effective when we look at the current market scenario and trends. It doesn’t only bring charm to a brand, but it elevates the brand in the landscape of today’s highly competitive market. 


Advertising has come a long way…

There was a time when advertising more relied on traditional mediums like newspaper ads, radio ads, television ads, etc. And if you remember those days, people were too had an emotional connection with these ads, brands, products, services. The admen back then used to believe in crafting emotions and not just ads. Some of the oldest ads are so memorable that even today, we clearly remember them, some old ad jingles still play on our lips. The advertising in India has drastically changed since the dawn of the printing press, this was the time when advertising was only treated as just an informative snippet in the newspapers. Progressively, these small informative ads started to catches the attention of people & made them enlighten with the major business potential lying under it.

In the early eighties, advertising agencies in India started to build a brand relationship with their consumers. They introduced the positioning of the brand that touched the core emotions of the people. For instance, the famous Bajaj’s “Hamara Bajaj” campaign from the 90s still feels like it came fresh from the oven, it still reverberates in our memories & minds. The campaign apparently targeted the feeling of nationalism and positioned the brand as the nation’s pride. Such campaigns resulted in creating more loyal masses for brands. These masses carry forwarded & took the brand’s communication to another level and spread the brand’s awareness & popularity to the glocal level.

Soon, advertising started to transcend and bounds on the verge of the evolution of advanced technology. Advertising in India always tends to blend the technology impeccably under the wings of their operation. In its significant voyage, advertising work has gloriously steered uncountable innovative communication in the radius of technology. With the advent of VR and other remote sensing technologies, the advertising agencies in India have played a significant part in the process total makeover of the advertising sector in India.

Over the years the advertising agencies in India have completely transformed and enhanced the real aspect of advertising. This change is nothing but to be a master at reading & understanding the audience mind. The modern advertising has more emphasizes on sowing the essence of the brand in the lifestyle of the general & target audience. The advertising clan has also been successful in developing a certain nature and style which definitely the greatest and comprehensive accomplishment of advertising.

As the diverse digital platforms emerged effectively in the landscape of the Indian market, they reached massively to the extensive range of business categories & masses. These digital mediums made advertising more dynamic with a straight on the face attitude. But at the same time, it has also become creative and artistic than ever and it never ceases to amaze us and grab our eye-balls.      

Today, advertising has transcended the point of just talking about the brand’s features, it has spread like a wildfire where it isn’t restricted to any specific territory.

Today’s brands aren’t really bound by any social issue. They are on the verge of breaking the social taboos & believe in conveying what is right for the audience. Advertising has become more of a boldface which takes up every critical aspect of the society and are not embarrassed wee bit while breaking the abiding stereotypes. As the usage & importance of smart-phones has fostered, it made advertising more efficient and effective because of their direct connection with brands potential consumers.

Right from the beginning, advertising has always been the reaction to societies reflection. Advertising agencies have grasped the power of manipulation, leveraging the core & quintessential emotions of their target audience in order to establish brand positioning and image building. At present, advertising agencies in India ruling at a global level, they have conquered today and started to march towards better, brighter and beneficial tomorrow.

By true sense, the advertising world has a come a long way since. It has taken a tremendous leap of change in its glorious journey. It has seen quite a few trendsetting & revolutionary ads, campaigns, ideas aligned with top-notch & advanced advertising mediums have truly brought the new lease of life in the world of advertising.