Outlet Chain Dedicated to Men’s Fashion.

Men's Avenue, a leading retail store in Pune, was looking for a new outlook and was seeking a new identity. The client wanted to generate new brand buzz in the market. Hence, he planned an offer with 50% Discount. As every other retailer was offering the same thing hence he wanted to put it in a different way. Our team took up the challenge and made a thorough market analysis. After a strenuous and in-depth brain storming, we came up with a unique positioning and that was ‘Half is Happening”.

Captivating design and all new look to its logo and brand worked wonders. The result was astounding, the branding exercise was highly successful and received an appropriate response. The Half is Happening campaign not only succeeded in pulling crowds, but also won the heart of the client as he felt the scissor cut to be a true expression of his talent.