Amulyam is a township of over 500 apartments (1 & 2 BHK) at Dudulgaon, Moshi Annexed developed by Jai Ganesh Services/ Aksha Group. The name Amulyam literally means valuable, precious in English. The task was to make Amulyam stand out in the cluttered real estate market. The client wanted maximum foot falls and bookings through creative support.

After exhaustive brain storming we decided to upon a brand face and so Vaibhav Tatwawadi and Manva Naik (Famous actors from the Marathi film industry, renowned face amongst the target audience ) We also came up with the idea of adding the word Annexed after the location name I.e. Moshi Annexed.

It was unanimously decided to create a teaser campaign to generate curiosity amongst the buyers. And so visually appealing teaser ads/hoardings with strong communication strategy which was followed by impactful revealers.

Our efforts churned positive results. The communication in Marathi-”Aata tari thaam nirnay ghya!” which means,” At least take a firm decision now!” was the catchword among the housewives of western Pune. The revealer too had the same impact. The client received an overwhelming pre-launch and post-launch response in terms of inquiries and bookings.

The campaign gave us one more reason to celebrate our zestful efforts.